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Autistic Boy Branded A Cheater By Xbox Live

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What do you think about this? Update: Microsoft does not negotiate with cheaters. The Live Team's response: "Gamerscore resets are done when cheating is detected to keep LIVE fun, fair and safe for everyone. We only do them when we are 100% confident that cheating has occurred, and they are not something that can be appealed. Details can be found here -" Looks like the tag stays. Update 2: Reader QualityJeverage pointed us to the Twitter of Stephen Toulouse, director of policy and enforcement for Xbox Live, who had this to say about the incident: We confirmed there were cheated achievements and gave the parent the details. This wasn't a "he played too good" situation at all. Update 3: According to what looks to be Jennifer Zdenek's Twitter page, either she or her son (it's not quite clear) allowed a third party to access Julias' account in order to gain Recon armor for Halo. That certainly counts as cheating, one way or the other. Original Source: Im the first to report the video as i know of on youtube. so go check it out. Please comment, thumbs up and subscribe for more :)

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Autistic Boy Branded A Cheater By Xbox Live
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