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Everybody Hates Swag: Another Special RAGE Movie

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Here's the requested music: 1) kanye west - n***as in paris / mixed with countdown music from the 24 TV show / mixed with n***as in paris remix 2) chris brown ft. lil wayne & busta rhymes - look at me now [fallen 4v1] 3) ying yang twins - wait (the whisper song) [fl0m scene] 4) ween - ocean man [jasonr sub sound] 5) curb your enthusiasm theme song [steel 4v1] 6) kevin gates (ft. braxton pierce) - two phones [semphis scene] 7) stan sb - tears in rain [outro] Long vid description incoming: This is a video I planned on making a LONG time ago. swag/brax is probably my favorite player in the game, and I started hoarding clips to showcase how tough he is for many of the top NA/SA players to go up against. I didn't feel I had enough clips to do the video justice, but after spending the past 2 months gathering extra material, I finally found the right mix of moments ;] This video branches off from "Everybody Hates Stewie2K", but swag's play style isn't the same as Stewie's, so the video definitely has a different feel to it. Rather than rush in like a rabid dog [i.e. yung stew], swag takes his time, makes unexpected plays, and cleans up lots of rounds single-handedly. Some of these clips are old ones you've definitely seen before, but I made it a point to put my own twist on them to keep things fresh. There's some goodies you haven't seen before too. Hopefully you guys dig it :]~ Side Note: Over the past year I received an insane amount of positive messages asking me to release more videos. I read all of them, and the amount of support I received on my past work was above and beyond amazing, and it actually caught me off guard a bit. Truth is, I went through a bit of a tough time personally, and it definitely interfered with the content I had planned to do for you guys. For that, I apologize. I'm at a point now where I'll be editing stuff regularly again. Maybe it'll be good, maybe I'm washed up and it'll suck ass, but either way I'm pretty stoked to show you guys some of my funky ideas. I'm not the kind of guy who gets amped by doing the same thing over and over again, so my goal is to try and raise the bar with each and every upload. If you guys want to check some of that stuff out, or you want some random CS:GO videos to help you kill some time, rock the sub button and stay tuned! To everyone who reached out on youtube, and/or tracked me down on twitch/social media, thank you for the support and love. I'll do my best to not let you down! Follow All Featured Players @: brax Stewie2K: steel: DaZeD JasonR: FalleN: Tarik: mOE: OCEAN: DAVEY: minikerr: yeL: SHOOWTiME: Relyks: mixwell: hazed: jdm64 shroud: autimatic: fl0m: Sean Gares Outro Music: Stan SB - Tears in Rain

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Everybody Hates Swag: Another Special RAGE Movie
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