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Fable 3 PC Gold and Guild Seals Hack

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Fable 3 PC Gold & Guild Seals Hack You will need the following: - CheatEngine 6.0 ( - Fable 3 - Guild seals cheat table by l0wb1t ( Make sure to make a backup save file in case anything goes wrong. Gold: 1. Open up Fable 3 2. Go to any shop where you can buy more than 1 item 3. Note down what your current gold value is 4. Open up Cheatengine 5. Select Fable3.exe from the process list 6. Search for the value of gold [First Scan] 7. Now go to the shop and buy an item, and take note of what your gold value is now 8. Type this in the search box and press [Next Scan] 9. You should have a few values left, buy another item just to make sure you have the right values 10. Change the values to how much gold you want Guild Seals (starts at 3:00 in video): 1. Open up cheatengine 2. Select Fable3.exe from the process list 3. Open the cheat table file (download link above) 4. Check the box next to the first script 6. Click edit script on the second item and find #999999 to change it to the value of guild seals you want 5. Check the box next to the second script to activate it 6. Press ESC to go back to sanctuary, when the game updates your guild seal value should start increasing to the value you entered Song: Reaver's Mansion - Russell Shaw Cheat table by l0wb1t

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Fable 3 PC Gold and Guild Seals Hack
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