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Frying Up An Olmlet Winning RuneScape

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Let me know what you think of the somewhat cinematic intro. Just kinda playing around a bit with editing stuff. IT IS NOT PERMANENT, JUST FOR THIS VIDEO. Also, the title is an old meme between myself, Wapfgaming, and NinjahRS. Song used for cinematic - Join my in game clan chat: Dabe Want to support me? Check out my patreon - Twitch - My Discord Server (Voice chat program) - Twitter - Second Channel - Other YouTubers to check out: Wapf - Settled - UIM Link - If there was music in this video, it most likely came from one of these two channels. Wall of Fame: Sargent bike, SLV, Doraste, Kerp, Indrado, PaddyRS, Ironhide, NiblaNoss

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Frying Up An Olmlet Winning RuneScape
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