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Guide for Runescape hunter: Level to 99

vendredi 26 février 2010 à 02h44:22 GMT -4.00

Guide for Runescape hunter: Level to 99

Maybe you need some help because to get Level 99 hunter is not easy and this will be the first ever 99. If you have never been good at training skills id always get sidetracked 0-o. You can buy Runescape Money from our site if you dont have enough time to farm money from game.

It depends on your level, and we would say go for chins. Those seem to be the most common way to get to Level99. We have collected advice from a fully exp player for you. Hope you can get help from follows.

Level1-19 Hunter if you want to earn money  for your character then you can Tracking Polar kebbits. Level1-11 Hunting Crisnom swifts (jungle). Level11-19 Hunter Cerulean twitch (polar). It is easy for you when you are new Runescape player.

Level19-43 Hunter Tropical wagtail (jungle). Level43-59 Hunter spotted kebbits (woodland). Level59-67 Hunter Red salamander (lava). Level67-70 Hunter Black salamander (lava). Do as told that will make your character stronger and make the game more interesting.

Level67-99 Hunter (fast) Black salamander (lava).Level70-99 Hunter Red chinchompa (jungle) You make around 27m now from 70-99 Hunter with Red chinchompas. It is most inportant for your character to level(Runescape powerleveling) 99. That is all. We think you can do yourself now. Good luck!

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jeudi 29 septembre 2011 à 06h32:40 GMT -4.00

Des screenshots! We want screenshots!
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