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How to Mod Cod: WaW Online Nazi Zombies with a USB Tutorial

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Download this Nazi Zombie Folder. If you do want to help me, PLEASE download this file. You do have to do a survey. I make 60 cents per download. If you guys do survey and download this, i will use the money to do giveaways. Facebook: If you dont want giveaways and without surveys, then download this one. NOTE: The two downloads above are the exact same. One is with a survey and the other is without a survey. Do NOT download both. It would just waste your time. 1. Start a new solo game. 2. Save it. 3. Go to System Settings and go to Memory. 4. Click on Games. 5. Scroll down until you find Call of Duty: World at War. Click it. 6. Find the saved game and move it to the flash drive. 7. Unplug the Flash Drive and put it in your computer. 8. Extract the modded file onto your desktop. 9. Make a new folder on ur desktop. 10. Open up USBXTAFGUI and click on File then click Open Device. 11. Clcik through it until you find the Savegame.svg 12. Extract that file to the folder you made on ur desktop. 13. Open up Modio and drag the files onto it. 14. Make sure u know which one is ur modded file and which is original file. (Mod is on desktop, Original is in folder.) 15. Copy the Profile ID from the orginal file and Paste it onto the modded Profile ID. 16. Do same thing with the Device ID. 17. Click Rehash and Resign and exit out. 18. Open up USBTAFGUI and delete the orginal Savegame.svg and Inject the modded file onto it 19. Wait a minute for the files to transfer onto your flash drive 20. Unplug flash drive and put it into the xbox. 21. Go to System Settings ; Memory ; Memory Unit ; Games ; Cod:WaW ; and move the savegame.svg onto the hard drive. 21. Start up CoD:WaW and Resume solo game. 22. Click Select and RB and it should say GodMode On. 23. Click Select LB and it should say NoClip On. 24. If it doesnt, then redo steps number 1-20. 25. If it does, then Save and Quit and go play online or private match NOTE: YOU DO HAVE TO DO STEPS NUMBER 21-25 OR IT WILL NOT WORK! IF YOU DID DO ALL THAT AND IT DOES NOT SAY GODMODE ON, PLEASE RETRY STEPS 1-25 AGAIN. IF IT STILL DOES NOT WORK, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AND SAY IT DOESNT, I WILL TRY TO DO IT AGAIN TO MAKE SURE IT IS NOT PATCHED. Mod Controls: Godmode: Select & RB NoClip: Select & LB Unlimited Ammo: Select & Up Or Right on D-PAD All Guns: Select & Left on D-PAD Drop Guns: Select & Down on D-PAD Inside Game Glitch: In NoClip, hold your flamethrower and fly around and hold the trigger and you have unlimited flamethrower gas. On Der Reise, Your friends can go inside the Pack-A-Punch and jump into it and get outside map.

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How to Mod Cod: WaW Online Nazi Zombies with a USB Tutorial
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