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How to Mod GTA 4 ISO TBOGT Xbox 360

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MODDING WEBSITE: this is where i get all of my mods from, MATT ROCKS! ABGX360 IMG Burn Backup Creator ***GET THE NEW 5.5 VERSION MODS HERE:*** You have to install all of these files above /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ DOWNLOUD TBOGT MODS!!! TBOGT ISO:(Download using uTorrent) uTorrent HOW TO MOD(THE EASIEST and DETAILED WAY): 1. DOWNLOAD THE ISO and DOWNLOAD the AGBX360 STEALTH PATCH: - download the iso -once downloaded open AGBX360 go to autofix then go to AUTOFIX THRESHOLD then choose level 3. -browse for your iso then let it execute and let it check the iso. 2.DOWNLOAD XBOX BACKUP CREATOR -after stealth patching it using AGBX360 open the XBOX BACKUP CREATOR -open it and go to image tools then IMAGE BROWSER -click "file" then "open image file" then look for your iso then replace the common.rpf with the modded common.rpf -once you replaced it, go to DLC2 and replace DLC.rpf with the modded DLC.rpf 3.DOWNLOAD IMGburn 1. ImgBurn: Press Tools-Settings-Write-1913760 2. Then Burn with 2.4 Speed and Use VERBATIM DVD+R Dual Layer/Double Layer 3. Open it then click "write image file to disc" -then browse and look where your ISO is located but don't choose your ISO, choose the "name_of_your_iso.dvd file" -click burn and done!!! Hope to burn successfully then Hotswap the GTA4 EFLC disc with your Modded discs!!! Don't forget to clear the cache!.

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How to Mod GTA 4 ISO TBOGT Xbox 360
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