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How to restore sounds on your computer

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This video is for users who don't have any sounds on their PC because uninstalled an audio driver, deleted the audio driver, disabled sound and many more. Q: I have formatted my PC/Deleted the Audio Driver/ Uninstalled/ it. How can I fix this? A: You have to download and Install an Audio Driver. Please download a driver that is for your system. Q: I'm sure that I haven't remove/deleted/uninstalled anything on my PC A: then, follow the first method. If you have followed the second Method but still doesn't work. Please contact you hardware provider/computer manufacturer It might have been the sound card that have the problems. Q: I don't have or haven't seen any Sound Devices on my System Information A: download and Install any of the links below depends on you Operating System. Q: I don't see any Windows Audio on my PC? A: It only means that there is no Audio Device currently Installed on your computer because of re-installed Windows, Formatted my computer, Newly Computer the problem that cause this is because you forgot to install the audio driver. When you Re-Install Windows you also have to Re-installed Driver to keep the computer going. A: To solve the "No Windows Audio" problem download and install also an Audio Driver that is, Of course compatible/for your Operating System. Q: Can I use System Restore? to recover my old audio driver? A: Yes, you can. By using System Restore It recovers the programs that you have installed or uninstalled. This option is only for the people who have uninstalled their audio driver. But it doesn't affect you're files and folders. It only changes the program's settings of your program after you change the settings. It is safe and reliable. System Restore is a feature from Windows that allows you to recover the program or installed a program back then to the date when you restored it. For example I uninstalled Mozilla Firefox today and installed Google Chrome. After awhile I used system Restore I choose the date yesterday. Therefore Mozilla will be installed again and Chrome will be gone as if nothing have happened. ONLY UNINSTALLED PROGRAMS, DRIVERS can be used by System Restore. If you have deleted the audio folder Download another one :D this is the link I was telling you about/If you have any problems concerns about your sound on your PC go to this link this might help you. : And also a links where to download Audio Drivers Vinyl Deck AC'97(Works on Windows XP) SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio Driver (works on Windows 2000/XP) Realtek AC'97 audio device (works on Windows 98, Me, XP, 2003) SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio (works on Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Server 2K3, Windows Vista) Realtek High Definition Audio. (Works on Vista and Windows Seven) another link for Realtek High Definition Audio driver (works on Windows Vista and Windows 7) Realtek AC'97 audio driver (works on windows vista and seven) Instructions... 1.First you got to have a Winrar If you don't haveWinrar It's fine. 2. If you have Winrar, Right click at the file and press Extract Here. If you don't have Winrar just click the downloaded file. 3. Open the file and Find Setup.Click it and after installation process. Restart your Computer. NOTES: Don't delete the other files inside the downloaded folder. It may cause the Audio device to not work properly. You can only delete it AFTER you have installed the Audio Driver Thanks for watching! I have also encountered this problem and fixed it by myself so I'm pretty sure that you can also fix this! :)

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How to restore sounds on your computer
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