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Item: Cannonball in Runescape(part one)

vendredi 26 février 2010 à 02h45:18 GMT -4.00

Item: Cannonball in Runescape(part one)

How usefull a cannon is. We decided to make a thread on usefull methods that are efficent for cannoning. Below, we have gathered usefull things you can do with a cannon. You can buy Runescape Gold from our site then you can buy cannoning from other player in game.

You can go to world two and set up your cannon in the party hat section. If a random player with a party hat in Runescape flames you, then you ask if you can buy his or her paper hat for 10 coins.

You can set up the cannon at the Grand Exchange. Basically right in the path of a player burning logs. Take your cannon to dagannoths and set up your cannon. Try to make yourself the biggest ass you can possibly be. Take your cannon to castle wars, and set it up right next to the bank. Then, flame anyone who complains about your cannon.

You can go to catherby and walk west of the bank. Set your cannon up right in the middle of where the yew trees are. This will make players ticked off. Try to tell them some cool storys of your life. We have many professional Runescape powerleveling guys for you.

You also can go to black demons in Member's Dungeon and stay in the safe spot. When a player asks for you to dismiss your cannon, simply tell him to get laid. Randomly set up your cannon and tell the players who are next to you "sorry mate." Expect them to flame you. Try to make yourself look like an ass.

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samedi 08 octobre 2011 à 21h31:18 GMT -4.00

i think that runescape gold is good
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