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Make Real Money Playing Runescape (2015) Part 4 Tanning

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Part 1 link: Part 2 link: Part 3 link: Playlist: In this video i will show you how to make real money using Powerbot in Runescape! This way you can get your stats up in no time and make a lot of runescape money without doing anything! Once you made 10m RuneScape gp you can sell it to many sites for real money! The price nowadays is 1m = 2$ or 1,6 euro. So you make a lot of runescape gp by botting any skill, you sell the runescape gp to any website or forum that is buying runescape gp and voila you made your first real money from playing runescape! you can make a lot of easy and fast money playing runescape guys! This video is for educational purposes only! Channel link: Video URL: Intro: RavenProDesign Tags: Make real money runescape runescape money gold farming runescape real world trading rwt how to use powerbot how to bot runescape make money gaming powerbot how to get rich playing runescape how to get runescape money best way to make runescape money oldschool 2007scape osrs eoc runescape07 the daily runescape rs 3 2007 oldschoolscape 99 stats how to get lvl 99 how to make gp how to make money on runescape Runescape Botting Progress Facebook: Twitter: Reddit:

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Make Real Money Playing Runescape (2015) Part 4 Tanning
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