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[OSRS] Venezuelan Gold Farmer Interview

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Had the chance to speak to a Venezuelan gold farmer. I thought they only killed green dragons, but apparently they are all over the place. I know we all joke around about pking the Venezuelans, but this actually is a livelihood for them. Real world trading goes against the game rules and I do not support gold farming in any way. This is a very controversial topic, and after speaking to Luis, I would like to hear your opinions on the subject. If you enjoyed the video, please leave a like! If you wanna see more please subscribe, every person makes a difference! Thank you for watching! EDIT: I realize his name is shown in here in a few spots and I should have done a better job editing it out. Please don't harass him or any other Venezuelans. Thank you. (Tags ignore) osrs, old school runescape, 2007, rs, 2007scape, 07, guide, money making, skill, skills, level, training, 99 guides, item, profit, exp, gp, fossil island, afk, alternative, account, mining, guild, amethyst, ore, runite, rocks, dragon, pickaxe, bank chest, booth, cooking, rogues den, anglerfish, shark, monkfish, dark crab, karambwan, ranks, highscores, experience, food, fish, market, price, afkable, teletab, teleport tablet, varrock, servant, house, construction, magic, demon butler, oak lecturn, eagle, staff, law runes, soft clay, lol pl0x, fletching, oak, willow, maple, yew, magic, longbow, unstrung, stringing, slayer, combat, melee, ranged, dust devil, kurask, skeletal wyvern, gargoyle, abyssal, quests, zeah favor, catacombs, whip, bond, bot, botting, venezuela, spanish, espanol, gold farmer, farming, rwt, real world trading, illegal, underground

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[OSRS] Venezuelan Gold Farmer Interview
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