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[Roblox] How to get FREE Robux and Tickets(paid game cards only)

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Today, you can get your prepaid card code for Roblox, without spending any precious money! Go to: Please know that this rewards website is completely legit. All of the game cards have been bought, meaning that the game developers always get their money. If you have any questions, please ask and I'll help you out asap. This site works with a point system: 100 point equals $1. Meaning that you'll need 10 points for Roblox, sometimes less. Time is no issue as this doesn't have to take longer than 1-2 houres. You earn points by signing up at websites, testing out games and more. All items and card codes are beforehand legitimately purchased. Check your prize claims page after requesting your code, it's usually processed within a few hrs. ---FAQ--- Q.1 Can I have multiple accounts? - No, you can have 1 account per household. Q.2 Is it safe to use my real info? - Yes, you can trust each and every offer with your info. The advertisers respect your privacy, but it is wise to use a 2nd e-mail account. Q.3 Can I use fake info? - Any attempts to cheat the site will result in a ban and not receiving you prize. Q.4 Wich offers are the best to get the fastest points? - Signup and confirm e-mail. You can find this in the offer description. You can find great guides on the forums. Q.5 I do not live in the US, so how can I request my prize? - You can request card codes from any country. For shipment, place a free custom order from trusted sites such as Amazon Prime, DealExtreme, Ebay, and others! Q.6 Why am I not receiving my points? - Most do, but not all offers credit instantly, it may take up to a few days. It also helps a lot to accept all cookies, you can find this setting in privacy for any webbrowser. Delete your cookies frequently. Here's a nice program: Q.7 How long does it take for my prize to be processed? - Card codes are usually processed within a few houres, or instantly after completing 50 offers. Custom prizes within 2-3 days, while physical prizes choosen from the list can take 2-7 days.

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[Roblox] How to get FREE Robux and Tickets(paid game cards only)
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