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[Runescape 3] Superheat Form at LRC Concentrated Gold

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For many years Living Rock Caverns smithing has been popular until the release of Seren Stones. In addition, Superheating whilst mining was also popularized as efficient. In the recent years since the release of Seren Quest, The Light Within, it introduced a Seren Prayer called Superheat Form. It Superheats anything you automatically mine. Gold seemed to be the most viable option to optimize this for mining. Concentrated Gold is currently the best choice. Then came along skillcape perks so we can finally take advantage of both Goldsmith Gauntlets AND Golem Mining Suit at the same time. This not only boosts Smithing exp but also boosts mining exp as well. Knock 2 birds in 1 stone. Equipment setup: - Full Golem Mining Suit - Augmented Crystal Pickaxe: Honed 5 - Ring of Whispers (Sliske's Endgame Reward) - Smithing Cape - Legendary Quarrymaster Aura - God Book - Falador Shield - Elf City Quiver - Dragon Rider Amulet Inventory setup: - Perfect Juju Mining Potion - Prayer renewal - Lava Titan Pouch - Full rest inventory with Mining urns (optional) - 1 inventory space Exp rates: 130k Mining exp/h + 100k Smithing exp/h. Okay for mains but AMAZING for Ironman.

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[Runescape 3] Superheat Form at LRC Concentrated Gold
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