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Runescape Money Making guide #20 2012 I love beers Granite Block Splitting

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Hey for my 20th money making guide think i can get 20 likes? anyways just a simple and easy ass way to make cash on runescape with no skill requirements!! just split the 5kg granite blocks into 500 g blocks then sell on the ge!! that simple!! have fun making runescape gp!! u can make around 400k-500k an hour doing this!!! IGNOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE yea just cpomnbine any clean herb with a vial of water to make an unf potion. depending on the herb and potion price u can make money off of this check ge prices first. so have fun making more runescape gp. i forgot but you need to have 40 range to enter the range guild!!!!!!!!!! Yea just a simple and really easy way to make tons of runescape Gold. you can make millions of gp of this method in just a few hours so have fun and go make some runescape gold! Links to my other money making guides check em out!A guide on how to train magic and get great cash and decent xp on runescape! make a mill in just an hour! gain up to 60k magic xp an hour! make sure you comment, rate and subscribe!

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Runescape Money Making guide #20 2012 I love beers Granite Block Splitting
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