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She finally found a Runescape Boyfriend..

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I found her on Omegle begging guys for money on Oldschool.. Runescape. Watch part one here; Today we take a girl we met on Omegle onto Oldschool Runescape to see if she can persuade any guys that she's a girl! Of course we'll also try to get them to give her some money! Begging on OSRS has always been seen as a bad thing, I'm not promoting it at all, just this was quite a fun prank to do on the players. Most players assume girls in game are old men or something, this one isn't! Gabby, from Omegle, well Texas, had a lot of fun trolling the guys with me and had never played OSRS before this! Clan Chat; Mr Bug Snapchat; MrBugRS Twitter; Twitch; Play Runescape here, a Free to Play Online MMORPG that gets you chicks; Find naked people on Omegle here;

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She finally found a Runescape Boyfriend..
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