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Top 5 OSRS Players Who Got Rich Quick

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NOTICE: I know there are people who are far more wealthy than the few in the video. I can only show you guys players who have brought their wealth forward publically for everyone to see. There are many other players who keep their wealth on the down-low, and I do realize that. So what I've done is I've picked players based on how QUICKLY they've gotten their wealth since the RELEASE of OSRS! Thank you guys so much for the continued support on all of my videos! Making videos for your guys is the first thing I think about everyday, and probably the last thing I think about before my day ends! We're a bit over 500 subscribers now, and I'm blown away by how quickly we keep making dem YouTube gainz. :D If you know what I should be counting down next, please post it in the comments and let's make it happen! Please destroy that like button so our channel can continue to grow! :) Song used in the video: Juventa - Move Into The Light (ft. Erica Curran) (Koven Remix) Next countdown video: Previous countdown video: Ian Spam's 2B+ bank video: Pot Up Son's 350M+ bank video: Sick Nerd's 600M+ bank video: Sparc Mac's 3B+ bank video: SUBSCRIBE TODAY:

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Top 5 OSRS Players Who Got Rich Quick
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